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    Welcome to Ozark Juniors

    Ozark Juniors Volleyball Club is building a new tradition of Volleyball in the Northwest Arkansas area. Ozark Juniors Volleyball Club is a unique and diverse youth sports organization that has over 300 active members. Ozark Juniors Volleyball Club has as its objective to continue to be recognized as the premier volleyball organization in the state of Arkansas. This is best accomplished by developing highly competitive teams whereby recognition is gained through winning and respect. This volleyball club believes that our program promotes competitiveness, teaches individuals to excel, family unity, and develops leadership skills that transcend athletics into every aspect of a member's life.
    Ozark is taking the approach of offering professionally run programs administrated by qualified individuals in the sport of volleyball. Our goals are to provide the opportunity for highly skilled athletes to pursue college scholarship opportunities as well as giving the less experienced player the chance to improve their skills for their scholastic teams. 

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    Thank You

    Ozark Juniors would like to highlight our sponsors!  As a 501(c)3 non profit organization, we rely on the generosity of sponsors to provide assistance to athletes and families in our program, as well as to purchase equipment and other necessities.  Without the generous support of these sponsors, Ozark Juniors would not be able to meet our goals of reaching as many kids as possible in the Northwest Arkansas area through the sport of volleyball.

    Thank you to all Ozark Juniors Volleyball Club Sponsors for your dedication to our program!  We appreciate your generosity and we are very excited to have you as a part of our club.

    If you are interested in supporting Ozark Juniors through a sponsorship, please contact us at for more information.