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Ozark Invitational, April 2021


Ozark Juniors is excited to announce that we have partnered with CSTT for the 2020-2021 season.  Team hotels for the Ozark Invitational can be booked through CSTT (see below).  Utilizing their online system makes booking your rooms easier than ever before, while guaranteeing the lowest possible rates for your team.

The 2021 Ozark Invitational Tournament will be a great tournament for your team to be a part of.  With over 160 teams participating in 2019, outstanding facilities and a 5 match guarantee, this tournament provides your team with a high level of competition and a positive tournament experience.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2021 Ozark Invitational in April!

Date: April 10-11, 2021
Age: 10U-18U
10U-11U - Saturday April 10, 2021 Only
12U-18U - Saturday and Sunday April 10-11, 2021
Cost (10U-11U) - $275 per team
Cost (12U-18U): $390 per team
Location: See information below
Registration on AES opens: October 15, 2020
Registration Deadline: March 20, 2021
Refund Policy: No refunds after March 10, 2021

Admissions: $7 admission per day ($10 for the weekend)
For 10U-11U Saturday only tournament $10 for the day
                             Students ages 7-16 and senior citizens 65 and older: $3 per day or $5 two day pass
For 10U-11U Saturday only tournament $5 for the day 
Kids 6 and Under: FREE


Coaches Meeting:
There will be no coaches meeting. Coaches are responsible for reading and understanding the tournament rules and regulations. Please be aware that changes to the schedule may occur a day prior to the event. It is the coaches responsibility to check and make sure that they know the most updated schedule.

Facility Rules:
 - Admission Fees (CASH ONLY) 
$7 per day or $10 two day pass
10U-11U One day tournament $10 for the day 
 Students ages 7-16 and senior citizens 65 and older: $3 per day or $5 two day pass
10U-11U One day tournament $10 for the day 
 Students ages 7-16:  $5 for the day 
 Kids 6 and Under: FREE
- No outside food or drinks allowed at any of the facilities.  Concessions available. 
- No coolers allowed
- Outside chairs are permitted in seating area
- Spectators must remain in seating area only

In case of additional parking needed at the AAO facility, you may park at the Washington County Fairgrounds additional parking space located on the south side of AAO. There is a walkway connecting the Parking space with the AAO facility. Please NO PARKING at the Apartment Building Complex. You will be towed if you do park there.
To get to the Fairgrounds Parking space you will have to pass the AAO entrance and take a right hand turn after the facility. You will see an open field to your left.

Arkansas Athletes Outreach (AAO)
  1515 Burr Oak Street
  Fayetteville, AR 72703
Arkansas Athletes Outreach North 
  4667 S. Dixieland Road
  Rogers, AR 72758
Springdale Park and Recreation Facility
1906 Cambridge Street 
Springdale, AR 72762

Team check-in will be located by the admissions table at each location. Please bring your final rosters uless you have submitted it prior to the event. Changes to rosters after the start of the first set will not be allowed.

(Depending upon number of entries/age divisions)
2 Day Tournament
- Pool play on Saturday (3 Matches guaranteed or 6 sets total)
- Playoffs on Sunday (2 Matches guaranteed)
1 Day Tournament
- Pool play and playoffs are in one day ( 4 Matches guaranteed or 8 sets total)

- 5 Team Pools 2 Sets to 25 starting at 4-4 NO CAP
- 4 Team Pools Best 2 out of 3 sets to 25 - NO CAP, 3rd set to 15 - NO CAP
- 3 Team Pools 3 Sets to 25 - NO CAP
- Morning Pools begin at 8 am
- Afternoon Pools begin at 2 pm, 2:30 pm, or 3 pm
- Warm-up: 2 (shared) - 4 - 4 minutes each team including serving.

- 1st Officials provided
- Teams are required to have an officiating crew consisting of 2 line judges, 1 scorekeeper, 1 libero tracker, 1 down official
- Be aware that on Sunday WINNERS MAY HAVE TO OFFICIATE. During Sunday pool play, losers of each match ref the next match on their court unless no match is schedule at that time.
Officiating Penalties: Failure to provide officiating crew for your assignment could results in the forfeit of the 1st set of your next match. A coach must be present at the court site during officiating assignments. For every minute the officiating crew is late or incomplete, one point will be given to their opponent (up to 25-0 forfeit). The clock starts at match time.

The captain must immediately submit any protest. Only application of the rules can be filed under protest. The official will report this action to the Site Manager. A call will be made to the Protest Committee for a prompt ruling

1st and 2nd place individual awards in every division

 For more information you can contact Jenny Lingenfelter at / (479) 200-4422