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About Ozark

"Ozark Juniors gave me the opportunity to learn the basics of the game at a young age all the way to preparing me to play at the elite division 1 level as a high school player. The knowledge and training I received throughout my years at Ozark led to career opportunities that I never imagined, and I am still proud to say that my volleyball roots are with Ozark Juniors."
Hannah Allison, Class of 2010

"Ozark Juniors was where the love for the sport that I spent the majority of my life working on developed.  I was not only pushed to be a better volleyball player, but I also became a better person because of the coaches and people that surrounded me."

Aubrey Edie, Class of 2013


Ozark Juniors Volleyball Club seeks to grow the sport of volleyball in Arkansas by providing exceptional instructional and competitive opportunities for male and female athletes, ages 5 to 18.  Through excellence in coaching, well run and well administered programs, a philosophy of inclusiveness and dedication to each athlete, Ozark Juniors Volleyball Club provides athletes with a positive and encouraging environment to learn and grow as players and people. 


At Ozark Juniors Volleyball Club, we are passionate about the game of volleyball.  We believe volleyball is something anyone can love and enjoy for most of their lives.  We want to help all players learn and grow in the game.  We accomplish this through an attitude of inclusiveness.  We strive to be an ELITE program, but not an ELITIST program.  We believe there is a fit for every athlete who is interested in the game of volleyball, whether that is through instructional or recreational programs or through the highest levels of competition. 

Our instructional programs seek to involve all ages that we serve and skill levels who want to learn more about the game.  Through quality coaching and a positive environment, we hope to help players in our instructional programs to become better players, learn more about the game and develop a love for the sport. 

Our competitive programs provide the opportunity for those athletes who are ready to take their game to the next level.  Even within our competitive programs, we offer multiple team levels to fit the very young athlete who is just starting to play competitively, or the athlete who wants to be more competitive but not travel extensively to the athlete who is ready to compete against the best players in the country.  We believe that players learn and develop the most through the practices that are provided to our competitive teams and playing time is earned.


  • Dedicated and motivated administrative staff with a passion for the sport of volleyball and an emphasis on the details
  • Highly qualified coaches who love teaching the game and investing in our athletes
  • Outreach through community events to promote volleyball in the mid south
  • Instructional and recreational opportunities for every player to learn and love the game
  • Local, regional and national competitive opportunities that allow our athletes to compete against the best players in our area, state, region and country


Ozark Juniors Volleyball Club started in 2000 with 4 competitive teams.  Since that time, we have expanded and grown the number of athletes that we are able to serve through the addition of teams and instructional programs as demand required.  Our goal is to continue to see the game grow in our area, to see our athletes be successful in their junior high and high school programs and to support those programs however we are able, to be able to provide recognition for volleyball in Arkansas on a national level and to provide our athletes with opportunities to continue to play for as long as they wish to pursue the game.  Additionally, we strive to provide our athletes with all of the life lessons, including time management, commitment, initiative, conflict resolution and so many more, that will help them be successful in their lives after the game.  Volleyball provides us the opportunity to impact lives beyond the game.