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Private Lessons


Social Distance:

In order to maintain social distancing, lessons will be limited to no more than three people on a court:  one coach, one player and one parent (as a shagger) OR one coach and two players.  If there are two players in a lesson, that will be requested by the players families, not initiated by a coach.  There should be 3 people on a court, to allow for shagging of balls to keep balls contained on one court.

Minimum Occupancy:

In order to avoid too much traffic in the building or lingering after lessons, there will be no spectators.  There will be 15 minutes between lessons to allow for comings and goings.
1. Parents can come in/stay only if they are participating as a shagger in the lesson. 
2. Players should have all their gear on (shoes, knee pads, ankle braces) before entering the building.
3. Players need to wait outside the building until they receive a text from their coach telling them to come in.

4. Players should only bring necessary items in to the facility and should make sure to take anything they bring home: water bottle (public water fountains will not be available) and payment (correct change or check).

Temperature Check:
Thermal temperature guns have been ordered. Every staff member will take and record their temperature before lessons. Every player will have their temperature taken (with disposable method) before entering the building. If a player has a temperature above 100.4, they will not be allowed to enter the building.
If either the player or the parent has a fever over 100.4; feels sick or is displaying symptoms; has been exposed to anyone diagnosed with COVID19; or have underlying health conditions that could put you at greater risk, please reschedule your lesson or refrain from scheduling lessons.

Hands Sanitized:
Bottles of hand sanitizer will be available and require all players/coaches use the sanitizer before, during (water breaks) and after each workout. 

Ball and General Cleaning:
Clorox wipes or ball-cleaning solution will be on each court.  Staff will make sure balls get wiped down before and after each workout.  There will be 10 balls available for each lesson.  These will be sanitized and only used for one lesson.  After the lesson, those balls will be sanitized and put away and not used until the following day.   AAO Staff and Ozark Juniors staff will also be completing additional sanitizing of common touch surfaces throughout the facility.

Friendly Distance:
No high fives, fist bumps or touching player to player or player to trainer. Maintain social distancing among all players and coaches in the gym of 6ft. minimum (12ft when possible).

Protective Gear/Actions:
The current guidelines set forth by the state of Arkansas and the CDC RECOMMEND a face covering when not actively exercising.  The nature of volleyball lessons requires the coach to be actively participating.  The decision to wear a mask or not is up to each individual coach/player/parent, dependent on the circumstances.

Please use common protective practices: cover your mouth if you cough; sneeze into your elbow or your armpit, etc

Private Lesson Rates

  • Private Lesson - starting at $40 for an hour session
  • Group Lessons (2 or more players) - starting at $25 per player for an hour session
  • Team Lesson - $125 per team for an hour and a half session
  • Coaching Lesson: $30 for an hour session

Private Lesson Staff

Below is a list of our staff members who are currently conducting private lessons.  This list is not intended to be all inclusive.    Please contact them directly.

Jenny Lingenfelter
Ozark Juniors Volleyball Club Director 
Phone: 479-200-4422

Stacie Johnson
Ozark Juniors Volleyball Coach

Janete Wilson
Ozark Juniors Volleyball Coach
Phone: 479-422-6025 

Kristin DeAngelo 
Ozark Juniors Volleyball Coach

Breana Jones
Ozark Juniors Volleyball Coach
Phone: 678-472-6363

Denise Bonanno
Ozark Juniors Volleyball Coaching Director 

CJ Hensch
Ozark Juniors Volleyball Coach