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Natalie Jones, February 2016






Natalie Jones Tournament Locations

10'S-11'S George Junior High School 3200 S. Powell St, Springdale, AR
12'S Har-Ber High School 300 Jones Rd., Springdale, AR
13'S Arkansas Athletes Outreach Complex 1515 Burr Oak Dr. Fayetteville, AR
14'S Next Level Achievements 1906 Cambridge St., Springdale, AR

Natalie Jones Tournament Locations

15'S Arkansas Athletes Outreach Complex 1515 Burr Oak Dr. Fayetteville, AR
16'S Next Level Achievements 1906 Cambridge St., Springdale, AR
17'S Next Level Achievements 1906 Cambridge St., Springdale, AR
18'S Har-Ber High School 300 Jones Rd., Springdale, AR



Make plans now to join us for the Natalie Jones Memorial Tournament.  This tournament is always a successful event with teams from four states represented in past years.  Format guarantees 4 matches for your team and is sure to provide a great tournament experience!

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2017 Natalie Jones Memorial!

Date: February 25-26, 2017 
One Day Tournament
Age: 10U-14U Saturday, February 25, 2017
15U-18U Sunday, Febuary 26, 2017
Cost: $190 per team
Main Location: AAO, 1515 Burr Oak, Fayetteville, AR
Registration Deadline: February 6, 2017
Refund Policy: No refunds after January 30 , 2017

How to Register: Register Online (See below)
Send a team roster and a check to the address below
Ozark Juniors Volleyball Club
Attn. Jenny Lingenfelter
4988 W. Dover Street
Fayetteville, AR 72704

Admissions: $8 admission per day 

For more information you can contact Jenny Lingenfelter at / (479) 200-4422


Online registration is closed. Some divisions are full, and we have only a few spots left in others. 

Please email Jenny Lingenfelter at for available spots in the tournament. 


Coaches Meeting: There will be no coaches meeting. Coaches are responsible for reading and understanding the tournament rules and regulations. Please be aware that changed to the schedule might occur a day prior to the event. It is the coaches responsibility to check and make sure that they know the most updated schedule.

Facility Rules:
 - Admission Fees: $8 per day 
                             Students ages 6-16: $3 per day
                             Kids 6 and Under: No charge
- No outside food or drinks allowed at any of the facilities. Concessions available.
- No coolers allowed
- All Facilitied have seating provided. There will be limited space for personal chairs. 
- Spectators must remain in seating area only


- Arkansas Athletes Outreach (AAO)
  1515 Burr Oak Street
   Fayetteville, AR 72703
- Har-Ber High School
 300 Jones Rd
 Springdale, AR 72762
-Next Level Achievements (NLA)
 1906 Cambridge
  Springdale, AR 72762
-George Junior High School (GJH)
 3200 S. Powell St.
  Springdale, AR 72762

Check-In: Team check-in will be located by the admissions table at each location. Please bring your final rosters uless you have submitted it prior to the event. Changes to rosters after the start of the first set will not be allowed.

Format: (Depending upon number of entries/age divisions). 4 Matches total guaranteed for the tournament
- Pool play in the morning
- Playoffs in the afternoon
- 4 Team Pools Best 2 out of 3 sets to 25 - NO CAP start at 4-4, 3rd set to 15 start at 0-0
 - NO CAP, unless started differently on the schedule
- 5 Team Pools 2 sets to 25 starting at 4-4
- Pools play begins at 8:00 am
- Warm-up: 2 (shared) - 4 - 4 minutes each team including serving.

- 1st Officials provided
- Teams are required to have an officiating crew consisting of 2 line judges, 1 scorekeeper, 1 libero tracker, 1 down official
- Be aware that during playoffs WINNERS MAY HAVE TO OFFICIATE
Officiating Penalties: Failure to provide officiating crew for your assignment could results in the forfeit of the 1st set of your next match. A coach must be present at the court site during officiating assignments. For every minute the officiating crew is late or incomplete, one point will be given to their opponent (up to 25-0 forfeit). The clock starts at match time.

Awards: 1st and 2nd place individual awards in every division


Thank You

Ozark Juniors would like to highlight our sponsors!  As a 501(c)3 non profit organization, we rely on the generosity of sponsors to provide assistance to athletes and families in our program, as well as to purchase equipment and other necessities.  Without the generous support of these sponsors, Ozark Juniors would not be able to meet our goals of reaching as many kids as possible in the Northwest Arkansas area through the sport of volleyball.

Thank you to all Ozark Juniors Volleyball Club Sponsors for your dedication to our program!  We appreciate your generosity and we are very excited to have you as a part of our club.

If you are interested in supporting Ozark Juniors through a sponsorship, please contact us at for more information.